Adami & Martucci is designed by Alberto Luzzi in Rome, Italy. His passion for art and sculpture in particular has influenced his eye for design and made his jewelry creations a work of art.


All Adami & Martucci jewelry is handcrafted by artisans from Italy and the Island of Bali. Both regions are traditional centers for high quality jewelry and have been crafting for centuries, passing on skills from one generation to the next.

Combining the newest technology with old world artisanship and Italian high fashion, every piece of Adami & Martucci jewelry is only crafted from precious metals and follows a strict manufacturing and quality system.

All jewelry is handcrafted in Sterling Silver and plated in rhodium or 24kt & 18kt gold.

The rhodium plating goes through several stages to ensure luster, shine and durability. Gold plating is first done in 24kt gold to ensure a long, lasting finish, and accents of 18kt gold are highlighted in the last stage to give the jewelry its impressive, final touch.


A&M supports Fair Trade and exhibits these practices in their everyday work environment. The team is compensated appropriately and makes competitive wages.